Yoga Sanctuary Teachers


Priscilla Flynn-Belisle  - Founder and Director of Yoga Sanctuary

A Certified (Kripalu) Hatha Yoga Teacher, Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Certified (Lotus Palm School) Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner with experience in education, meditation and Yoga since 1972, Priscilla is described as "a compassionate and intuitive teacher, who encourages students to listen to the wisdom of their bodies as she gently guides them in a very personal practice of Yoga."


Priscilla is also a certified Spiritual Mentor


Pat Ladew - Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Pat is a Professional Level Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Pat's love of Yoga during her long time personal practice has changed her life. Her enjoyment in sharing Yoga's many benefits is evident in her clear, joyful teaching methods.



Shannon Sprague - Certified Yoga Teacher

Shannon teaches from her varied background in Yoga certification, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Reiki to provide a rich opportunity for students to reach their highest level of rest and relaxation.  She teaches from life’s mindful moments, utilizing every day experiences as grist for the mill of awakening.  She believes in love, compassion, empathy, connection, kindness and forgiveness; realizing that everything else is precious and has potential for growth.